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About ArtBusinessDirectory.com

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You can find new clients, new customers, new business and networking opportunities with NO FEES and NO COMMISSIONS! For questions or additional info please contact us at 310-598-7991, Email us at info(at)artbusinessdirectory.com or use contact form CLICK HERE

ArtBusinessDirectory.com Connects you with the Art Business, Art Professionals, Art Galleries, Museums, Art Buyers & Sellers, Art Collectors and Art Social Media!

ATTENTION All art professionals, business owners, art collectors and companies interested in connecting with and selling to a POWERFUL AUDIENCE of art professionals, art collectors and business decision makers! - Find Clients, Collectors, Customers, Art Jobs and Art Connections! Start Today and Promote yourself or your Art related Business Here Now. ArtBusinessDirectory.com is unlike other directories out there! When you list with ArtBusinessDirectory.com you will be able to promote and grow your business directly to your target art audience, but that?s not all. - With ArtBusinessDirectory.com - ART BUSINESS meets SOCIAL MEDIA:

ArtBusinessDirectory.com has been designed and developed to help you reach not only here but to also reach the EXPLODING fast growing audiences on SOCIAL MEDIA! Social media is growing at a phenomenal pace and ARTBUSINESSDIRECTORY.COM was created to help you also reach that fast growing market. Your listing on ARTBUSINESSDIRECTORY.COM comes complete with built in social media functions, so people viewing your listing can instantly while at your listing click and like you on Facebook, or tweet you or follow you on twitter and other social networks. NO FEES and NO COMMISSIONS for you and NO FEES or NO COMMISSIONS.

In addition, ARTBUSINESSDIRECTORY.COM also allows you to have your business listing to extend your reach directly to your website AND YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK SITES. With our new ?Site Resources? enhanced listings you have the option to add a title message and hyperlink directly to you Facebook website, your twitter website, your Pinterest site, your LinkedIn site or any other of your social networking sites. This is an excellent way to extend your BRAND exponentially! You also have the option of adding a link to another area of for business, for example if you are a Gallery, you can have one link going to your website, one to your Facebook page and one to you museum shop. The choice is up to you!


Want to really engage your audience and potential buyer at the point of contact? We have got the perfect vehicle to do just that! We are introducing ?Video Listing?. You can now ad a promotional or informational video about your business with our new video enhanced listings!

To: summarize: With ARTBUSINESSDIRECTORY.COM you can promote your business with your text description, your social media links, a video or all three! All at a very affordable price. To learn more about our enhanced social media and video listings options see our advertising page here.

Get a PERMANENT listing and link for one year at a low price. Art Business Directory is an easy way to promote and market your business. We are unlink any other art directory as we have a strong Social Media Our directory lets you bid your way to the top of the list. Our highly desirable audience of art professionals and business decision makers can browse your listing and simply contact you directly for information on your product or service. It is fast and easy and no third party to get in the way and best of all, there are NO FEES and NO COMMISSIONS.

ArtBusinessDirectory.com is the definitive searchable site that offers our users ultimate instant access to each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for NO FEES or Commissions. We are dedicated to bringing those seeking art business resources, business opportunities, business contacts, networking, news, jobs, leads and more an informative easy to use venue for finding and connecting to each other for free. We are a unique venue that provides art businesses, art professionals, art collectors and customers the ability to interact online and beyond.

ArtBusinessDirectory.com is your source for everything related to art, businesses of all sizes, whether you are an emerging artist, an art related business owner, a gallerist or a major art museum. Here you will find resources and opportunities to grow your business and make you more successful! JOIN US, Sign up today, now!

We have several Advertising options available for promoting your Business You can add your listing to our directory, you can add listing enhancements like social media links and videos. You can have your listing link to your website, homepage or to your employment or recruiting page or both. In addition to your business profile link, we offer text ad advertising, banner advertising, Press release, product, service announcements, art job posting and our coming Auctions listings and Marketplace. Use our Contact US form for additional advertising requests.

ArtBusinessDirectory.com is owned by USA Internet Inc.

USA INTERNET?S ONLINE PROPERTIES are created to bring people, businesses, customers and consumers together. We employ a unique approach to developing our online properties. We create specialized properties, eCommerce "Hubs, Vertical hubs and Specialized Directories? in our areas of expertise that address the needs of our specific target audiences. We have a range of such online properties

ArtBusinessDirectory.com is an easy way to connect with the art professional and consumer community by biding on links and listings. Our directory lets you bid your way to the top of your category list. With a starting bid of $75 for the individual artists and $150 for all business listings in our Art Business directory!

Increase your bid to take a top position, and not only will your link list higher in the directory, but you could join our Top 10 Link Leaders on the homepage.

Why Buy Listings and Links with us?

Listings get results. We can increase you web and social media reach with our listing format. Link popularity and social media links are some of the most important factors in search engine performance. Increasing the number of links to your website and your social media presence can get your site listed higher in search engine results, bring more visitors to your site, increase your Google PageRank and improve your site's overall strength.

For only $75 individual artists can Add A Link and get listed now. Minimum bid pricing for businesses (non individual artists)is $150. To see our full list of enhnced advertising prices see our advertising page or to purchase at standard list prices click on ADD A LINK. Your site will thank you!

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